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1966 - 1981
1966 - 1981
Cyprus, 1971 - 1974
After lecturing in the U.K for many years I went to live and work in Cyprus solely as an artist. Once there, considering the comparatively unsuccessful 'Control' exhibition back in London I needed to backtrack conceptually in order to stand any chance of earning the necessary living. A great appreciation of the arts and of the artist exists on that lovely island; yet I felt that the work I had produced over the last few years would not be relevant to this differing situation. After producing the odd pot-boiler to provide for our immediate needs - my wife is also an artist - I eventually came up with a workable concept and produced some serious art. The resulting sculptures were 3-dimensional reliefs which in a lesser sense vaguely reflected Byzantine iconography; this was achieved by using 20th Century formal ideas to effect a balance between the old and the new. The titles of the works were in line with the symbolism of New Age ideas prevalant at the time.
Laurence Burt - Overman, 1972
Overman, 1972
Laurence Burt - The Piscean, 1973
The Piscean, 1973
Laurence Burt - Blue Venus, 1973
Blue Venus, 1973
Laurence Burt - AUM, 1974
AUM, 1974
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