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1956 - 1966
1956 - 1966
Helmets, 1962 - 1963
This period marked a return to the use of sheet iron. The concept underlying 'Helmet I' was connected with medieval helmets and the mysterious black space within them exposed by openings cut into their hollow shells. The Space-age was upon us and the first Sputnik was an direct influence; there seemed to be a link between man in the Teutonic war helmet (and its inner space) and his descendant, the Astronaut, whose evolving knowledge was enclosed in a not dissimilar helmet exploring the mysteries of outer Space.
Laurence Burt - Helmet I, 1962
Helmet I, 1962
Laurence Burt - Temple, 1962
Temple, 1962
Laurence Burt - Astro Helmet IV, 1963
Astro Helmet IV, 1963
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