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Laurence Burt - 'The Mandala and the Machine'
The Mandala and the Machine
Laurie Burt

The Machine stood shoulder high - a bizarre aberration of twentieth century Art. It functioned by means of a primitive mechanism at the will of whosoever might choose to use it - knowing or unknowing of its sad yield. Wrought in iron it could have been fashioned by a medieval armourer.

The Machine’s stark image looked to be the antithesis of the True, the Good, and the Beautiful - Utopian ideals once purported to help bring about the social and political perfection of Man’s world.

The Mandala and the Machine book out now

'Mandala and the Machine' book

The Mandala and the Machine is the story of the first forty years of an artist’s life in England. Packed with original anecdotes, the book covers his early life in working class Leeds, military service in the Middle East and the sometimes difficult transition from industrial metal-worker to professional artist.

Documenting a society in change, ‘The Mandala and the Machine’ offers a highly personal and occasionally poetic look at the creative and technical processes of constructing sculpture, the British art scene of the 1960s and ultimately the creation of a controversial but significant artwork: The Machine.

2009 / black bound hardback / dust-jacket / 283 pages

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