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1966 - 1981
1966 - 1981
S.T.E.I.P.   1976 - 1981
STEIP (pronounced 'step') is an acronym for: Subliminal-system for the Transpersonal Evolution of Individualised Persons. Conceived when working in Falmouth, Cornwall, I envisaged STEIP as a soaring stainless steel sculptural ladder isolated on a some lonely moorland site (or sites). It was intended that on the approach to STEIP a larger than life-size explanatory concept-plaque carved in stone or engraved in stainless steel would be situated. The concept related to esoteric beliefs I was interested in at the time and still am. Although I faint heartedly applied for a grant the project never came off. But the concept of STEIP continues to exist and stand, if only as a metaphor somewhere in 3rd Millennium Time/Space. The small maquettes or models I produced at the time incorporating STEIP were envisaged as possible works on a life-size/ monumental scale. A printable A4 flyer explaining STEIP can be found here (pdf, 397k) .
Laurence Burt - STEIP on a Chair, 1979
STEIP on a Chair, 1979
Laurence Burt - Magritte STEIPs Out, 1979
Magritte STEIPs Out, 1979
Laurence Burt - Mammon's Complex, 1979
Mammon's Complex, 1979
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