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The following pages recording work - completed by August this year - are the last works I shall complete in the sense that they remain a part of what I suppose might be seen as my years spent working as an artist. By artist I imply a person who spends most of a lifetime creating 2 and 3 dimensional images acceptable as Fine Art statements. I do not suggest that any of such works are of great aesthetic value - but they are of personal value in that they represent (to me at least) an important aspect of many years spent working if not necessarily happily, creatively - years which continued and continue to be a useful learning process.

This last batch of work - largely 2 Dimensional - once begun led me to write the following explanatory note of its intent:

Creative Activity work - November 2002

The accompanying framed pencil drawings, the paintings, and the three-dimensional cube, cone, and sphere (plaster), are simply the result of a wish to work creatively and without the stimulus of any urgent, inner art-related drive. They were a way to overcome the probable boredom of inactivity. This statement - a concept in itself I suppose, (I invariably attempted to understand and explain my various sources and creative intentions - after the event!) led me right back to the beginning - a return to the infrastructure of visual-form: Point, Line, and Plane, each of these items representing an ultimate icon from which all images appear to be created.

Simple though the images appearing were, they arrived without the stress and struggle experienced during other years spent attempting to create meaningful works. There was an uncomplicated sense of enjoyment in using extremely simple means - both formally and materially - to produce images which might stand (when framed and viewed) as personal statements of some interest; this unlike my earlier more complex and worried images which were usually intended to suggest a symbolic meaning beyond the boundaries of their phenomenal existence. These new-for-me art-works were exactly what they factually represented - 'you got what you saw '. I suppose I had arrived back where I might have originally started in the first place but did not because of conditioned preconceptions about what Art was; maybe this was also due to a lack of enlightened teachers - eventually I was fortunate enough to find some. Yet, on the other hand, one needs in the end to self-discover in order to prove that whatever become seeming end-truths are unequivocally true for oneself.
Laurie Burt 2002
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