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1982 - present
1982 - present
York I, 1982 - 2000
york i
Having left teaching, to earn a living I worked on historical portrait heads to sell in a shop in York. I also modelled a number of medallions in wax - to be cast in resin-bronze. One medal was commissioned by the British Art Medal Society to be cast in bronze; the design was based on an idea about Magritte (found on The British Art Medal Society site). After a period working on collage - attempting to imaginatively convert haiku back into visual images, these were exhibited under the title 'Collage' in York University and elsewhere. I also made a series of small metal sculptures of which all but one are now in Cyprus or the USA.
Laurence Burt - Medallions, 1983
Medallions, 1983
Laurence Burt - Portrait Heads, 1983-1984
Portrait Heads, 1983-1984
Laurence Burt - The Castle, 1992
The Castle, 1992
Laurence Burt - Head of Pentheus, 1998
Head of Pentheus, 1998
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